An object-oriented application programming interface derived from nextstep and .

Openstep was an operating system created by next software inc. Empty desktop in openstep the screenshot has an extra border. May 08,  · openstep is an object-oriented application programming interface (api) specification for a legacy object-oriented operating system, .

The openstep api was created as the result of a collaboration between next and sun microsystems, allowing this cut-down version of next's nextstep. Teamed up in late to push a free object layer api based on the nextstep object system. Nextstep was the operating system created for the next computer (a motorola 68k based machine).

This item does not appear to have any files that can be experienced on history. Clockwise in all the corners we have: menu for currently active application (in this case. Gnustep is a mature framework, suited both for advanced gui desktop applications as well as server applications.

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